The 300 (Plus 10)

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I couldn’t sleep so at 4.30am I headed out into a wet and misty Squamish pre-dawn. I hadn’t run for a couple of days and all this driving was doing me in. I found a 5km loop along a lit pathway and surprisingly nobody else was out and about. I did a couple of circuits and headed back for a shower and coffee.

Today was the big day. Georgia, the co-head of the Right To Play Club and one of the main organizers of the attempt, had explained to me last night that they had to beat 294 players to set a new Guinness World Record in volley ball. The plan was to go from 8.00am to 4.00pm and they had lined up groups to come during the day. Sue and I got to the recreation centre at 7.30am and waited and waited. It took some time to sort out the net and the event didn’t get started until 8.45am. I was a little concerned.

Players started to come in and I must say the organization was like a well-oiled machine. To start with you picked up your number and signed in. Then they took a photo of you with your number. Then you went to a desk in the gym and signed in again. Finally you were checked off at the bleachers. Three video cameras were running the whole time and a photographer was snapping pictures continuously.

Hour after hour ticked by and the numbers crept up. We had to be out of the centre at 4.00pm and at 2.30pm we were at 270 players, no problem. However the well dried up. Georgia and the rest of her team had to knock on the doors in the dorms to get students out of their rooms and onto the court.

It worked. At 4.00pm 310 players had participated in the largest game of volley ball ever and set a Guinness World Record. Congratulations to everyone involved. Getting the record is great but what is even more important is the fact that you’ve given hope to children around the world.

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