Questmobile vs Batmobile

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I’ve been asked several times over the last couple of weeks “which would be the better vehicle to do a cross Canada road trip; the Questmobile or the new Batmobile?”

This is not an easy question to answer. Few details on the new Batmobile have been provided by Zack Synder, director of the upcoming Dark Night movie. In fact all we’ve got is a photo so I am going to have to make some educated guesses as to its exact configuration. I have compared a number of key areas and come up with a final assessment. So here goes:

Fuel consumption and performance.

The Questmobile is in fact a modified Toyota Tacoma Truck. The main modification is that it has “Canada Quest for Kids” in big letters on the side. Fuel consumption is rated 18.8 miles per gallon and it can go 0 to 60 mph in 10.13 seconds. The Batmobile on the other hand has no lettering on the side and is totally black. I’ve based gas consumption on the Abrams Tank which is 0.57 miles per gallon. This means that the 8,000km road trip will use 2,850 gallons and cost $15,000. The Batmobile has to be fast so I predict a 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

Inside comfort and seating capacity.

The Questmobile seats five and has 9 cup holders. It also has cruise control and a lumbar seat adjustment for the back. Batman normally only travels with Robin therefore I assume it’s a two seater with two cup holders. Batman may not want cruise control but everyone needs back support.

Social media and gizmos

The Questmobile has Bluetooth and satellite radio. I imagine the Batmobile has the same. The Batmobile may have some other fancy stuff that I don’t know about. One thing the Questmobile has that I doubt the Batmobile has is a 120 volt outlet to make coffee and toast.

Other features

The Questmobile has one amazing option which is a two person tent fixed to a frame above the truck box. I do not think the Batmobile has a tent however this should definitely be a consideration as I’m sure Batman and Robin love camping.

Final assessment:  The Batmobile is super cool and has machine guns but the Questmobile will always get you to where you want to go every time.

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