Quidditch Guinness World Record

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There’s not many sporting events where a broom is part of the equipment. Curling is one and broom ball another. I’ve played both of those and today I was going to play a third; Quidditch. This is my second Guinness World record attempt on my “Canada Quest for Kids” road trip. Last Friday we set a GWR for volley ball at the Quest University and now it was time for something completely different.

I have never played Quidditch but I have read the books and watched the movies. My daughter Kristina was a huge Harry Potter fan and as she plowed through the series she would give me the book she had just finished. It’s a little different reading about it and actually doing it. I had found a you tube clip explaining the rules but to me it seemed to be more complicated than cricket.

Arriving at the “Quidditch” field at the University of Calgary I was met by Jessica the organizer and head of the Right To Play club. She told me that they had had a number of players drop out so they would be struggling to break the 90 participant target. A group of us went for a Quidditch demo given by a member of the University Quidditch team.

In a nut shell Chasers have to shot the Quaffle (volley ball) through one of three hoops set up at each end. There are players who throw a Bludger (dodge ball) at the Chasers and if you’re hit you have to drop the Quaffle. Also, there is a player who has the Golden Snitch (tennis ball) in a sock and a Seeker from each team tries to grab the Golden Snitch and end the game.

Added to this, you have to run with a broom between your legs. I was a Chaser and did my best to shot the Quaffle through the hoops. After one and a half hours we started to run out of players. We had hit the 70 participant mark but needed 21 more to break the record. My friend Ally and I headed into the Olympic Oval and bumped into the speed skater Gilmore Junio. Gilmore is one of my sporting hero’s after his selfless actions during the Sochi Olympics.

Gilmore said he would love to play Quidditch and with a couple of his buddy’s he ran around campus and convinced students to give it a go. Three and a half hours after the start, the game ended, and 97 participants had played. The old record had been beaten by 7. Congratulation to the University of Calgary Right To Play Club. Job well done.

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