The Long and Winding Road

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Over the last two days Sue and I have covered 1,000kms in the “Questmobile” from Squamish, BC to Cochrane, Alberta. We had decided to follow the 99 North Highway that would take us across the Coast Mountains. First stop was going to be Whistler. I had been there 15 years ago and it was Sue’s first time. I wanted to show her a quaint ski resort. Unfortunately we got lost amongst the hotels and condos and couldn’t find a parking spot.

Onwards and upwards. We continued on our way and were soon coming into Pemberton. We spotted a number of cars parked along the side of a lake and the occupants were pointing towards the sky. Sue spotted a helicopter and we turned off into an empty lot to take a look. As I got out of the truck a Police cruiser pulled up and the officer asked to see my driver’s licence. As I waited to see what the issue was, Sue and I watched the helicopter pick up a load of water, fly over a raging forest fire and drop it in the heart of the blaze.

The helicopter did the manoeuver several times before the officer came back. He said that he had run my plates through the system and it showed that the vehicle was on a test drive. He was a bit surprised that the test drive had started in Cochrane, Alberta and the vehicle was in Pemberton, BC. I explained about “Canada Quest for Kids” and Right To Play. He mentioned that Pemberton was pretty well off but the kids could do with some help in Mount Curry. We said goodbye and that we would see if we could help in anyway.

We continued on the 99 North through Lillooet, Cache Creek and on to Salmon Arm for the night. When Penny and her husband Craig, who run the Salmon River Motel and Resort, had heard about what we were doing for Right To Play they had offered to put us up for the night.

Today was an early start and we made good time to Field, Alberta. We had never been into the village and it was time for lunch. After a great bowl of soup we were about to head off when we bumped into our friends Neil and Traci Zeller and their son Andrew. Neil is a tremendous photographer and he got some excellent shots of the “Questmobile” with the tent up.

We got back to Cochrane late afternoon. Time to find my broom and get ready for the second Guinness World Record: Quidditch at the University of Calgary.

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