The Call of Nature

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The first leg of “Canada Quest for Kids” is over; 2,000kms, two universities, two Guinness World Records. It was time to repack the truck and say goodbye to Sue. I will be on the road for three weeks, heading across the Prairies, around the Great Lakes, across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and onto Newfoundland arriving at St.John’s on Oct. 12th. At that point in time Sue will rejoin me for the return trip.

Today’s drive was relatively short, Calgary to Edmonton is very straight forward, 400kms north on Highway 2. After a couple of wrong turnings I found my accommodation for the night: Rainbow Valley campground. The time had come to test out the tent on the “Questmobile” and my third Guinness World Record in Edmonton was the perfect opportunity. The campground is in the river valley and backs onto Whitemud Creek. My lot was tree lined with a picnic table and a BBQ grill. It was still fairly early so I decided to head out for supper.

My “McDonalds Experiment” is going well. I’ve been enjoying the oatmeal in the mornings and there is a good variety of salads for lunch. Supper is a bit more of a challenge. I tried the double fillet of fish but was very disappointed. Tonight I ordered the Angus burger with a side caesar salad, apples and 1% milk. It certainly hit the spot however I must admit that I don’t eat the bun.

Big day tomorrow. At 11.00am I’m off to a McCafe at the University of Alberta for a 10,000 Coffees conversation. This is where I meet up with a group of students, have a coffee and chat about my experiences over the last five years. Then it’s off to the University for the third GWR: Tunnel ball. Fingers crossed.

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