Road Warrior

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Early start from the Rainbow Valley campground in Edmonton. I was so tired last night that I didn’t even notice the gentle hum of the cars and 16 wheelers. I was out of the site and on the road by 5.30am. I must say that I’m getting a lot quicker at putting up and taking down the “Questmobile” tent.

Today I was going to start something that I might live to regret. My friend Wayne had given me the audio book 1 of the “Game of Thrones”. This is a 28 disc, 33 hours rendition of one of the most popular series in history. It just so happened that my trip from Edmonton, Alberta to Sudbury, Ontario would take about 33 hours. It seemed like a match made in heaven (or hell).

This was going to be one of my longest days driving and I wanted to cover at least 12 hours on the road. The Prairies are pretty flat and when Sue called me around lunch time I told her that I had been watching a dog run away from me for the last three hours. Disc after disc was played and battles raged in lands far way. It certainly did help the time fly by.

At around 6.00pm I was looking for a place to stop and a sign showed Portage la Prairie. This town has a lot of significance for me as it was one of the stops for Avatar Marathon Martin on his virtual run around Canada in 2010. In fact it was where he had to hang out for two weeks when I injured my leg in February of that year. By the end of the day I had covered 1,200kms and was ready for bed.

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