Terry Fox

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I got an early start from the Days Inn at Portage la Prairie. I had an appointment to keep in Steinbach, Manitoba, 127 kms away, with an old running buddy of mine Albert Martens. Albert had travel to Calgary in 2010 and joined me on one of my 250 marathons. The marathon he had picked was along the Bow River pathway system in Calgary and I remember it was a particularly frigid day.

Today was very different and as I pulled into Steinbach at 10.00am I could see the temperature had already hit 22C. Albert had lined me up with a Radio interview with Michelle Sawatzky-Koop. Michelle is an Olympian and played volley ball for Canada in the 1996 games in Atlanta. I explained the goal of Canada Quest for Kids and was excited to tell her that the first Guinness World Record we had set was in volley ball at the Quest University in Squamish, BC.

Michelle wanted to see the Questmobile and loved the tent-on-a-frame. After the interview I took Albert out to brunch at McDonalds. We both had Egg McMuffins and caught up on the running news. I had a long way to go today so I said goodbye to Albert and headed out of town. Hour after hour clicked by but I was kept company with the never ending tale of the Game of Thrones. More dastardly deeds and dark happenings. Just as you start to like a character they get bumped off. Still, 14 discs done, 14 to go.

My route took me through Kenoa, Dryden, Ignace and onto Thunder Bay. One of the highlights for me was coming up, the Terry Fox Memorial. I got there at 8.00pm and walked up to the lighted statue of Terry mounted on a granite base. The monument looks out over the bay and tonight the sky was crystal clear and not a breath of wind rippled the water. I spent a few moments reflecting then returned to the truck. Time to find an inn for the night.

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