Winter is Coming

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The last four days I’ve covered 3,842 kms and listened to the 28 discs of the audio book 1 of the Game of Thrones. My trip so far in “Throne-Talk” goes like this: “The journey started in the barren mountain lands of British Columbia and Alberta. The truck worshippers hunted far and wide for Double-Doubles and Tim-Bits. Travelling day and night I passed the wheat and corn fields of the flat lands. Low land dwellers have built huge cylindrical structures to the Sun Gods and pray for rain. Eventually I arrived at the Lakes that are great. Shear faces of rock plunge hundreds of fathoms below the ice clear liquid where the terrifying water dragons live.” One of the most incredible things is the narration by Roy Dotrice. Roy does an amazing job on all the voices and holds the Guinness World Record for the most character voices for an audiobook.

This morning I said good bye to Paul, Kris and grandson Matthew. Kris and Matthew will be out for visit soon and Sue and I are really looking forward to that. I made good time heading south passing through Parry Sound, Barrie, around Toronto and down to London. I had booked into the Lake Whittiker Campground and after a few wrong turns I found it.

Big day tomorrow. Guinness World Record attempt #4, the 100m dash relay at Western University. The goal is for the most people to run it in one hour and current record is 254 participants. It made me wish we had my friend San Effah there. In fact 300 Sam’s would do the trick. Sam is the fourth fastest Canadian ever to run the 100m in 10.06 seconds. Not only is he super-fast but he is also an Athlete Ambassador for Right To Play. Sam was out at the Calgary marathon cheering everyone on and a week ago he was a volunteer at the University of Calgary GWR for Quidditch. Top fellow.

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