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I love camping. The fresh air, the fire pit, sleeping in a tent snuggled up in a down sleeping bag with only the sounds of nature to listen to. Well, over the three nights of camping I’ve done so far most of that is correct. The only fly in the ointment has been the replacement of nature sounds with manmade sounds. The first two nights it was cars and 18 wheelers. Last night it was Rock 770FM. Now I like ACDC as much as the next person but belting out “Thunderstruck” across the campground when people are trying to sleep is just not on. Even the crickets (insects not the group) couldn’t drown out Angus Young.

After sleeping in until 8.00am I decided to go for a run. Lake Whittaker Conservation Area has a network of trails and I spent almost an hour exploring the forest and around the lake. Near the end of the 7 km session I caught my foot on a root and went flying. Luckily the ground was covered with leaves and was sandy underneath. I certainly didn’t want to get injured with what I had coming up this afternoon.

Emma, organizer of the Western University Right To Play club had suggested that I park at the TD Stadium parking lot. The stadium was where Canada Quest for Kids GWR #4 was going to take place, an attempt to set the record for the most people to run a 100m dash relay in one hour. The current record was 252 people and to beat that each person would have to average 14 seconds for the distance. A very tall order. The event was scheduled to start at 5.00pm and at 5.15pm the gun went off. We had 160 on the field and the word went out to all the sports teams at Western. Over the next hour the track, rugby, soccer and football teams all turned up. With 10 minutes to go we were at 214 and students went into the gym and got people off the treadmills to participate. We passed the 252 number at 59 minutes and managed to get 4 more runners over the line for 256, a new Guinness World Record. These GWR’s are shredding my nerves.

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