Plan for the Future - Live in the Moment

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Plan for the Future - Live in the Moment

Sometimes, circumstances beyond our control, prevent us from achieving our goals.

This can be frustrating and often disheartening. So, it’s important that we look for the lessons we can learn and appreciate the positive aspects of the experience. 

Take my friend Simon Donato. An extreme, elite athlete and star of TV’s Boundless series. According to an article, in the Rocky Mountain Outlook, he and three of Canada’s top adventurers set out to complete one of the Bow Valley’s most daunting challenges, the Rundle Winter Traverse, in a day.

 Their goal was not only to complete the traverse, but to highlight the story of Mount Rundle, for a short film. Before attempting their goal, the team considered previous experience and knowledge, to make an informed view of what lay ahead. 

1. Simon and fellow team member, Ryan Atkins had set the summer speed record on the traverse, last year. So they knew the route. 

2. The crew had made a series of reconnaissance trips to the area. 

3. They had worked out a way that the entire crew could tackle the project. 

However, due to adverse conditions were unable to complete the final four of the eleven peaks. After summiting the seventh peak it became apparent that they could not predict what hazards might lay ahead. 

Despite all of their preparations they had not tackled the route in winter and this proved to be the defining factor that thwarted their attempt. As Simon explained “The weather warmed up quite a bit in the afternoon and we experienced a big slide and we pulled the plug”. 

Previous experience has taught them that, sometimes, it’s best to just admit a challenge is too great, at that particular time, and accept the experience for what it is. Not to be disheartened, the team are considering another attempt, probably next year. 

As Simon put it “We’re not blitzing it. We had a chat with guys like Will Gadd, Jack Firth and Chic Scott. They all told us the same thing – to enjoy the moment, not get caught up in the goal.” Wise words indeed! 

Despite any amount of preparation and previous experience, we all have times, when factors beyond our control affect outcomes. But we should always try to look at these as learning experiences. 

We may or may not choose to tackle the same task, but might apply the lessons to help with other, future projects.

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