Lost for Words and Filling in the Blanks

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I’m struggling.

It’s been a busy week, for me, with lots of meetings and other activities scheduled and I suddenly realised that today’s the only day I have the time to sit and write my next blog. But, I’ve drawn a blank – nothing- not one idea has entered my head that I feel compelled or even remotely inspired to write about.

This is hard to accept. Usually, my head is buzzing with ideas, reflections and thoughts I want to share. I have considered commenting on recent topics in the news. The Olympics immediately springs to mind and you’d think that with my interest in sports I could come up with an angle on that, but no.

I thought about things I’ve done this week that are slightly out of the ordinary, but shifting 11 cubic yards of mulch from my driveway onto my garden isn’t going to give me 400+ words. Being British, by birth, you’d think I could, at least make some profound comment about the state of the weather, but, living in Alberta, that particular topic only leaves me bemused.

I have to accept that for most of us, most of the time, life is pretty ordinary, and that it’s not necessary to be constantly looking outside of our own private world with the need to take a stance or comment on every little thing that’s going on. Sometimes, we just have to bask in the joy of having nothing in particular to do and even less of a need to say something.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Instead of fretting over not knowing what to write, trawling through news sites for inspiration, agonising over how many “How to....”s or  “Ways to........”, I’m going to make a coffee, grab a good book and settle down for an hour and just enjoy some downtime. These moments in our day, whether it be an hour or just 5 minutes should be cherished.

These are the times when we can withdraw from the world and do what we want to do, just for us. It may be reading, going for a walk, watching TV or even catching up on the latest cat videos on You Tube, Who cares? It’s your time, you don’t have to be anywhere, or doing any particular thing and, in this day and age, those times can be very precious.

If you suddenly find you have a few minutes and honestly can’t think of what to do with them you might like to pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to, in a while. You’ll feel great for doing it and imagine how happy you could make someone else. Whatever you choose to do in those times, I want to thank you for when you have a few moments to spare and you choose to spend them reading my blogs

Hopefully, by next week, I’ll have something more stimulating to share.

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