How to make Christmas an Experience to Treasure

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How to make Christmas an Experience to Treasure

A couple of weeks ago, Sue and I were chatting to our friends, Leesha and Lau about the upcoming Christmas holiday. Leesha told us that, this year, she had made an “alternative” Advent calendar, for their children, Oasis and Zion. Instead of the usual candies or small gifts, each pocket contains a fun “experience” for them to share. 

Some of these include:  decorate the Christmas tree, bake Christmas cookies, wrap Christmas gifts, sing Christmas songs or watch a Christmas movie. Although they are things they would have probably done anyway, I thought it was a great idea.  Putting them in the calendar makes all of these activities special and they are all things they can do together. 

It got me thinking about the way in which so many  people tend to think of the holidays as a time when they have to spend vast amounts of money on “stuff”, just to show someone how much they care.  Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate that often we can give someone a gift of something that they really do appreciate, maybe something they wouldn’t go and buy for themselves. But, how often do we have to rack our brains to think of something, when the person we are buying for doesn’t really have a great yearning for anything in particular? 

Our son Calum was recently visiting, from England and was asking what he could get us for Christmas. To be honest, we couldn’t think of anything, so, for our Christmas “gift” he took us for a meal at the Bavarian Inn, in Bragg Creek.  We sat by the fire, enjoyed great food, some good German beer, the conversation flowed and we experienced the sheer joy of spending time together. It was a wonderful evening and left us with fond memories of the last night of his visit. Personally, I think sharing a memorable experience with those you love is priceless.

Why not give it a try. You don’t have to take them for a fancy meal, it could be something simple like going to the movies, hiring some snowshoes and heading into the outdoors, or a day of baking cookies to give as gifts. 

You could extend this idea to your business colleagues. So much money is spent on work –related Christmas parties, which can be enjoyable, but means a lot of people have to find and pay for a babysitter, pay for a taxi to get them safely home, the list goes on. So, why not, instead organise something that is more convenient, perhaps a trip to the movies for a film whole families can enjoy or give a gift that would be really appreciated, like a basket of Christmas goodies or a nice bottle of wine. 

Alternatively, if you are the boss, why not tell your staff that, this year, instead of parties and gifts, you will donate to a charity on their behalf – now that really would be in the spirit of the season. 

Whatever you choose to do. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful time in the company of those you love.

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