A New Year's Resolution to Take Up and Give Up

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A New Year's Resolution to Take Up and Give Up

This may seem a little premature, but I’m sure there are some people out there who are already giving some thought to their New Year’s Resolutions. It would be great if we could all do two things – take something up and give something up. 

Taking something up could be really fun and exciting, a time to meet new people, improve your personal well-being, and spend time with family and friends, maybe all of those. Perhaps you’ll start doing regular exercise, calling home once a week, getting outdoors every day, reading all those books you’ve got piling up. Setting a challenge and achieving it can really make you feel good and give you that sense of satisfaction. 

Giving something up may prove to be more challenging. There are, of course, those things that most of us have resolved to give up at one time or another. Many people will decide to give up smoking, regulate their drinking or something less challenging like avoid buying those tempting chocolate bars at the grocery store checkout. 

But there is something else that I feel could make a profound difference in the lives of many people, but it would take a concerted effort. 

Just imagine if everyone who still persisted in the activities of drinking or texting while driving decided to give them up? If you are one of those people, why not make that your New Year’s Resolution?  Stop trying to convince yourself that you can text, talk on the phone or have another drink and drive safely. You know you’re only fooling yourself. 

Don’t risk getting stopped and having to face the fact you’re a law-breaker. But, most importantly, don’t risk your life and the lives of others, because you think you know better. 

Remember, while most of us will enjoy a wonderful holiday season with those nearest and dearest to us, somewhere, not too far away, will be a family left distraught and devastated, not just this year, but for all the years to come, because one of their loved ones is no longer with them, due to the reckless actions of someone who couldn’t resist that drink or checking their latest text. 

So, to carry on that Christmas spirit of giving, if you or someone you know is still persisting in ignoring the law, ignoring what common sense is telling them and still pursuing these reckless activities – give them something. Give them food for thought and ask them to read this blog. It’s just a little thing, but who knows, it might just make them stop and think. 

Happy Holidays and a safe New Year.

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