How to deal with the invaders in your own backyard

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How to deal with the invaders in your own backyard

Last week, I found a card on my front doorstep, which had been left by a Weed Inspector, from Town of Cochrane Parks Department. It informed me that I have three invasive species growing in my garden. Had I been busted by a Baby’s Breath? Or, worse still, had the Bighead Knapweed dared to actually rear its ugly head? 

No, it was that femme fatale of the invasive species, the Yellow Toadflax, along with her partner- in- crime the seductively purple Creeping Bellflower. I had no idea that these plants could cause a problem, for either man or beast. But I know, now. 

To be honest, I had been quite pleased with my little wild patch, especially the Alberta roses, which dominate the area. I had been taken in by the splashes of purple and yellow that peeped through, adding more colour. 

But it just goes to show how one can be swayed by something that looks attractive, but can actually do more harm than good. Of course we see this everywhere. The attractive looking foods are often not the best, nutritionally and high fashion shoes for men and women can look wonderful but cause terrible pain. 

In business, too, we have to be wary of that “sweet deal” that ends up costing more than we bargained for or the very attractive contract that turns out to be a lot of hard work for very little return. This is where we have to learn to use various tools to establish facts and make sure we’re well informed. 

When it came to my patch of garden, those tools might have included: 

1. Researching what plants were in there.

2. Checking to see if they were doing more harm than good.

3. Not relying on first impressions. 

Fortunately, with an intense session of digging and hand-pulling, it didn’t take long to rid myself of the little invaders and I will definitely be on the lookout, to make sure they don’t return. 

So, make sure you check your garden and be aware when negotiating that next business deal. Weed out all the noxious elements. You don’t want the consequences of being ill-informed landing on your, proverbial “door-step”. 

Oh, did I mention Leafy Spurge? Now that’s one sucker you don’t want hanging around!

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