In the Bag - 12 Essentials for the Road Warrior

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In the Bag - 12 Essentials for the Road Warrior

On a recent flight to Toronto, I was reading an article in the Air Canada in-flight magazine, enRoute. The subject was an interview with a celebrity explaining which items they felt were “essential” to pack, when travelling. Personally, I don’t feel the need to splash out on a spray bottle of Evian water, essential oils for my cuticles or a spare pair of cashmere legwarmers, but it did get me thinking about the items I find I always take in my carry-on and are essential to me to make the experience a little more enjoyable. 

 I got it down to six: 

  1. A pen and paper - very handy for completing the customs card, on those international flights, filling in a crossword and jotting down notes when an idea comes to mind.
  2. A pair of good headphones - for listening to music or providing the audio for an in-flight movie.
  3. A book - not too heavy in either weight or content.
  4. A light jacket –  it can be used to keep the chill off, to roll up and place in the small of your back or a pillow (not provided on domestic flights)
  5. A pack of mixed nuts – a little in flight snack is always welcome.
  6. A small pack of wet wipes - you just never know when turbulence might hit and spills occur. 

 If I’m on a business trip I also ensure I’ve packed other “essentials”: 

  1. Sat. Nav. – with pre-programmed destinations e.g.  Hotel and locations of business meetings.
  2. Charging station – must be on top of this all the time. Computer, cell phone, camera battery and Garmin GPS have to be fully charged.
  3. Lap top – great to catch up on emails and get some work done.
  4. Running gear – if the weather’s good I’ll head out before breakfast for a 10 km run. Gives me a chance to check out the area.
  5. Camera - take it with me wherever I go.
  6. Swimming gear – at the end of a day, there’s nothing better than a swim, hot tub or sauna. Melts the stress right away

 Being on the road can wear you down but some preplanning and a conscious effort to give yourself some “Me” time will at least make it bearable and maybe even a little fun. What is one of your "Must Haves" when you are travelling?

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