A Simple Life at a Luxurious Cost

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I recently saw a promotion for some cottages for sale, at a nearby resort. So, on Sunday, my wife and I decided to check them out. Our curiosity stemmed, partially, from the fact that some friends of ours are having a property built on the same development. We toured three different show homes, one of which we particularly liked and then looked at the promo package we’d been given. 

I’m sure many people have experienced the following: 

You look first at the basic price for the lot – seems pretty reasonable. Then you look at the cost of having your property built – maybe a little more than you had expected, but still within your range. Next you look at the “add-ons”, which you’d really like because they looked so appealing in the show home. Of course you’d really like a garage and if you have more than one vehicle, that’s going to cost even more. Oh and did I mention the condo fees, the utilities bills and the GST? Suddenly, you’re looking at something that would end up costing far more than you’d originally thought. It’s all the extras that, once seen, seem so necessary – but are they? 

Things that I, personally, would consider pretty essential would be a closet and doors on the washroom, but these were somehow missed, when one show home was built. In fact closet space seemed to be an absolute luxury addition in all the houses we saw, including a couple that were for sale. Many of the properties are now advertised for “year-round” living. They are very attractive, but not necessarily that practical for a permanent residence. 

One idea, for when you look to relocate, is to make a list, beforehand of all the details of your current home that you couldn’t do without and make sure they are included in the home you might consider buying. In fact, it would be an idea to do this when considering making changes in various areas of your life, whether it’s buying a car, taking a holiday or changing internet / cable provider. 

In the area of business it is critical to use this approach. For example, how many employees do you really need, is it essential to locate your office downtown? Maybe it is, but it is key to establish that any changes you make are beneficial. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to find the simple life you’ve been looking for.

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