How to Recognize your Inner Superhero

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How to Recognize your Inner Superhero

On Sunday, May 29th, my alter-ego, Captain Clot-Buster, finished the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, in a very respectable 4 hours 24 minutes 40 seconds and raised funds for the humanitarian organization Right To Play.

The Captain first made an appearance in October 2015 at the 10 km “Dash of Doom” and has since run the Glencoe Icebreaker 10 km and the Policemen’s half marathon. However the Captains origins come from a dark period in my life.         

In February 2015, during a business trip to Winnipeg, I was taken ill and, at the Health Sciences Center, I was diagnosed with Cerebral Venus Sinus Thrombosis, a rare form of blood clot, on the brain. The next few months were a blur. I went from not being able to walk, see or feed myself to walking a short distance along the river path, outside our home.

It was a long recovery process but now, after 15 months, the clot is decreased by 95% and, apart from still having to take several meds every day, my life has pretty much returned to normal. Creating Captain Clot-Buster was my way of showing that it is possible to overcome many obstacles in life and being fit and positive can make a huge difference to the outcome. My specialist told me that if my fitness level hadn’t been as good, I may not have survived.

Now, I’m not suggesting everyone has to don a costume, give themselves a different name and make public appearances. What I am suggesting is that in each of us there is a inner superhero, we just have to get to recognize them.

There is a lady, who lives near us, who spends all her free time doing volunteer work of various forms. She is a widow, in her late seventies and an unsung hero. There is another women who buys up fabric from the local thrift store and makes crib blankets and quilts for the local food bank. Another superhero.

Maybe you are the go-to person at work. Someone who makes a positive difference in difficult situations. Perhaps you’re the hockey Mum who gives rides to kids other than your own. Think of the priceless help that is, to another family.

Another way you can be a superhero? Keep yourself fit and active. Your family may not notice, they probably won’t think to thank you, but it may mean you’re around longer and they will reap the benefits.

Of course there are other superheroes who are pretty special and need a category all of their own. I’m not talking about Batman, Superman or Captain America. I’m referring to people like another competitor I had the privilege to race with at the Calgary marathon, Chris Koch. Chris was born without arms or legs and competed using a longboard and raised funds for a shelter for the homeless.

Chris is an extreme example, but if you follow Captain Clot-Buster’s motto “Keep Fit and Do Good”, you can be a superhero too. 

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