Are you a "Mad Hatter"?

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Are you a "Mad Hatter"?

Our youngest grandson, Matthew Connor, who will turn 2 next month, loves to wear hats. He has quite the collection and will choose one and wear it all day. What Matthew Connor doesn’t realise is that most of his hats has serve a purpose. Some will keep him warm, whilst others will provide protection from the sun. He also has hats for other occasions, like the one he wears to go fishing, with his Dad or the swim hat he wears to keep the water out of his ears. Of course, he also has a selection of hats that are just for fun and he looks cute in all of them.

The only hats I wear are a running cap, for protection from the sun or a running toque for the cold days. But, of course there are the numerous “Life” hats I wear, depending on what I’m doing.

These were the ”hats” I wore today:

  1. My Husband hat – I went grocery shopping as my wife, who usually does it, is recovering from surgery.
  2. My Dad hat – I chatted with our son about a course he’s taking.
  3. My Granddad hat –I Skyped with my granddaughter Autumn and grandsons Nathan and Matthew.
  4. My Rotary hat – a business meeting about upcoming projects.
  5. My Runner hat – I managed to get in an 8km before breakfast.
  6. My Fundraiser hat – I spoke to a school about how they can raise funds for Right To Play.

Just this past week, I have also worn my Author hat – I donned this one, just yesterday, when I was speaking to my editor about my next book, due out in November and my Speaker hat – following up on a lead for a Keynote presentation.

Think about your day. How many hats will you wear today? Which ones fit you the best? Are there some that should be recycled? Are there hats in your collection you haven’t worn for a while? Which are your favourites and bring you most pleasure?

Maybe it’s time for a new hat?

Whatever you do, wear those hats with pride and panache and you’ll get noticed!

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