Taking advantage of a Chance Opportunity causes a Rethink

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Taking advantage of a Chance Opportunity causes a Rethink

Three weeks ago I ran the Edmonton half marathon, dressed as my alter ego, Captain Clot Buster. This character is a by-product of the “Long Walk to Recovery” I undertook, in 2015, to help me deal with having Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis, an extensive blood clot in my brain. 

As my condition improved, it was suggested I run the Calgary Marathon’s 10km Dash of Doom. It was a fancy dress event and it was that which inspired me to come up with the Captain persona. 

It turns out, that the Captain has become quite popular and I have recently been invited to speak about my medical condition and relate the experience to my other challenges, when completing my “Quests for Kids” initiative.

In addition, it has enabled me to engage with different audiences, people who can relate to another aspect of my life. I was often referred to as the “Marathon Man”, due to my running 250 marathons on one year and I know that there were people who could not relate to that or to someone who has five Guinness World Records in endurance events. But, there are untold numbers of people who can relate to overcoming adversity or dealing with life-threatening medical issues. 

I usually work with groups and corporations on the topic of setting goals and overcoming obstacles, in order to reach your full potential with references to my work for the humanitarian organisation Right To Play and my fundraising efforts, over 5 years, which culminated in me raising $1,360,000 for the organisation. 

It was a revelation that people would be interested in another side to my personal story and has certainly given a new dimension to my speaking topic “Finish the Race Attitude “. It’s surprising how coping with my medical condition has offered further insight on ways we deal with adversity and the actions we take in dealing with it, in order to have the best chance of a positive outcome. 

It has certainly made me reflect on ways in which I can inspire more people in reaching their goals in life, just simply by rethinking and adapting my approach. It has been a valuable lesson in recognizing that opportunities can manifest themselves in various ways and we should be open and adaptable.

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