Books, the Perfect Gift idea for Last-Minute Shoppers

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Books, the Perfect Gift idea for Last-Minute Shoppers

I’m sending this blog a few days early, because I doubt many of you will be logging on to read my latest thought, on Christmas Day. As I’m posting it just before your last chance to do any gift buying, I thought I’d try and offer some help. 

For the past few weeks, my wife, Sue, has been wearing a button which reads “All I want for Christmas is Books.”  I should mention that she has only worn it around the house, as this is a message specifically for me. (Other family members got the message long ago.) 

This is great, as I know that whatever book I choose for her, it will be greatly appreciated. It does help, of course, that she has a “Wish List”. I’m mentioning this because, just in case you still have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, I would suggest that you can’t go far wrong with a book, in some form or another. 

I prefer the traditional type that you hold in your hands and requires a book mark, “A great stocking stuffer that the craftier ones amongst you can have great fun making and personalising”, according to Sue. However, for some people an audio book is more convenient and there are others that would rather read books downloaded onto their laptop or Kindle. 

Whichever way you enjoy a good read, you know the pleasure a book can give whether it’s one that you have specifically requested or a complete surprise. We love to give books for gifts, especially to children. We tend to go for the classics, in the hope that they will be treasured, for years to come. Browsing around your local book store or searching through suggestions online, can be fun, but a bit bewildering, especially if you are limited for time. 

So, I thought I’d try and help out by suggesting some titles you might like to consider: 

  • For young children:   “Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter or   “Nuptse and Lhotse Go To The Rockies” by Jocey Asnong. 
  • Children 6 – 10:  “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery or “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg.
  • For teens and young adults: Check out “The Yellow Hoods” series by local author Adam Dreece. 

I could suggest a huge number of books for adults, but I’ll just stick to a few I’ve personally enjoyed or look forward to reading – once I’ve opened my Christmas parcels! 

Everyone, but especially runners and dog lovers will enjoy “Finding Gobi” by Dion Leonard. A fascinating and amusing non-fiction read is “The History of the Snowman” by Bob Eckstein. Thriller readers will be happy with “A Legacy of Spies” by John le Carre, but if you think that might be a bit heavy-going, then how about the latest from Stephen King, co-written with his son, Owen, entitled “Sleeping Beauties”. 

On the business side, one book I really enjoyed was Lois Creamer’s “Book More Business –Make Money Speaking”. No nonsense and lots of great tips to apply in 2018. 

Of course, with adults, as well as children, if you want a Christmas – themed read, you can’t go wrong with one of the classics like Charles Dickens’  “A Christmas Carol” or the more recent “The Christmas Train” by David Baldacci. 

Books, especially the hardback versions, can be expensive, so why not check out your local thrift store? We have picked up many second-hand books and audio books for just a dollar or two. 

I do hope this has been of some help and I hope you receive some good reads this Christmas. 

I would tell you which books are waiting for Sue, under the tree, but she occasionally reads my blog! 

Merry Christmas.

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