How to Reset your Goals and Swim with the Tide

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Like me, my wife, Sue took up running later in life. In 2010, at the age of 58, she ran her first marathon, the Queen’s City Marathon, in Regina. Fast forward a few years and she decided that she wanted to go back to Manitoba this year and run that same marathon, as it actually fell on September 10th, her 65th. Birthday. 

Training was going well until she developed a hip problem and fasciitis in her right foot. Despite the weeks of physiotherapy and cortisone shots, Sue’s dreams of the finish line were dashed and she had to accept her doctor’s advice and give up running, for the time being. 

Not being daunted by this news, Sue set to thinking what else she could do to celebrate this milestone.  She has been making the most of the new pool in Cochrane. Her love of swimming stems from living most of her life near the sea in Dorset, England, where, even as a schoolgirl, she would often go for a “quick dip” before breakfast. 

Sue’s no longer as fast as she used to be, but she loves to get in the pool and swim a few lengths, getting into a rhythm and clearing her mind. She decided, as she wouldn’t be running, to celebrate her birthday, she’d “swim her age” instead.  And so today, I joined her in completing 65 lengths of the pool (actually, it was 66, because if you swim up you need to swim back). 

Sometimes, despite all the planning, training and goal-setting, life takes a turn and your plans are thwarted, through no fault of your own. Instead of accepting defeat, sometimes you just need to change course, set new goals and take a different approach. 

This isn’t always easy. If you have set yourself goals and you are part-way through achieving them, it can be disappointing and stressful if you have to change track. In Sue’s case it made sense. She could have sought out more treatment, tried to run with an injury and caused herself more problems or accept the doctor’s advice.  But what if you are working toward achieving your set goals and someone else changes them for you? You may have a new boss, the company you work for may decide to change course and the goals you had may no longer seem appropriate. 

This is when you have to ask yourself “Are the goals to benefit me or the team?” Personal goals are something we should all set for ourselves e.g. to become more efficient, to hone our skills or simpler things like just getting to work on time. These should have a timeline and be achievable, but even these may have to be adapted due to events beyond our control.  The bigger goals are the ones usually set for us that tend to affect overall performance and may require cooperation from colleagues. They may be the ones agreed on when you were appointed to the job, or at your annual review. 

When these “goal posts” are changed don’t become dismayed, just ask for clarification of what future expectations might be and if they demand changes to your role in the workplace. If necessary ask for guidance as to how these might be achieved. Most importantly, be adaptable and look upon this turn of events to learn and apply new or different skills.

If you adopt a positive approach to change, be prepared to reset your goals and learn to go with the flow. Things will turn out swimmingly!

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