200 Articles for the Cochrane Eagle

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200 Articles for the Cochrane Eagle

On March 2nd 2011 my first article was published in the Cochrane Eagle and it was about running (no surprise there). Here is part of it “So, before you try an ultra-marathon, I suggest you run a marathon, before that a half marathon, before that a 10km and before that a 5km. If you’re a new runner, then progressing from a 5km race to a marathon should take three years. Yes, I’ve heard the stories and watched the results from people who want to tick a marathon off their bucket list in six months….don’t, it’s not a pretty sight.

Take your time, let your legs get used to the run / walk. People will say that run / walk isn’t “running”, you have to run all the time or you’re not a runner. Not true. If you want to achieve your running goals and be injury free then run / walk is the way to go.” Looking back that is still pretty good advice. 

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. Cochrane has almost doubled in size from 17,500 to 34,000 and there’s no sign of it slowing down. However, it still has that small town feel. You can walk down Main Street and bump into friends or sit on a bench next to the hotel and listen to someone playing the piano. 

Cochrane is where Sue and I have lived since 2005 and we love having visitors. Last week our son Calum was over from Wales and we headed off on a road trip to Waterton Park. He’s into wild life photography and over the three days he captured photos of herds of bison, elk, deer and a playful fox. 

Over the last 12 years I’ve been fortunate to share my stories with readers of the Cochrane Eagle. Having a local newspaper is so important and every Thursday I look out my front door and there is the latest copy. Then, I make a cup of tea, grab a couple of shortbread biscuits, settle down and read it from over to cover. Cochrane is about community and the Eagle is the glue that holds it together. 

I look forward to continuing to share stories from the not so little town on the Bow in the foothills of Canadian Rockies. Huge thank you to you and the Cochrane Eagle and yes, there will be more articles on my running adventures. 

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