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October 3: Tear Down Culinary Walls this German Unity Day

Experiment with German food styling on Unity Day! Germany has faced division for most of its history. Starting out as a cluster of Germanic states, unity was often the dream as Germans wished to develop a common culture. The Cold War continued the difficulty with the division of West and East Germany. While the Berlin Wall did not come down until November, the government declared October 3, 1990 as the official day of reunification.

This important holiday is a great opportunity to learn German cuisine. Recipes are more versatile than the heavy comfort food often associated with this food tradition. Sausage making is long associated with Germany, but there are also options in pork, beef, poultry and fish. Dishfolio food bloggers discovered new takes on asparagus that will help you think beyond the steamer and try new flavoring with this favorite vegetable.  Take a look and see what you may wish to try. Choosing may be the most difficult part!

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