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Food Blogger Interview: Smita of Curry Twist

Smita Chandra - Smita's Spice Tins - portraitSmita Chandra - Smita's Spice Tins - logoSmita Chandra - Smita's Spice Tins - recipeIf you're looking for food blogging inspiration, look no further. We've got the most insightful and creative people here on! Check out today's interview: Smita of Curry Twist who talks about her blog as a chronicle of her foodie travel adventures around the world. She travel a lot and love to taste the local cuisine wherever she go. Quite often she was astounded by the similarities in different cuisines from different countries and she love to talk about new and unusual things that she have tasted or come across. She also throw in some history of the cuisine or the food that she is blogging about. Curry Twist is more than just a blog or a compilation of recipes, it is also an interesting read and a great way to travel the world from your armchair, till you are inspired to travel too or get in the kitchen and cook!

How are you transforming the world of food blogging?

I would love to share my foodie travel adventures with a larger audience. I would like to have more people share in my travels and perhaps be inspired to cook from the recipes I provide in each of my blogs. I would also love to hear from people who have read my blog and tell me what they think of it.

What's your most unique ingredient?

shrimp paste!

To whom do you look for cooking inspiration?

My first inspiration in the kitchen was cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey. My husband is my best friend, travel companion, photographer and inspiration now :) He inspires me to try new things, step outside of my comfort zone when experiencing the world and keep an open inquisitive mind about culture and cuisine wherever we go.

What tools make your food blogging more interesting?

I love looking at all the mouthwatering pics on Dishfolio and getting inspired for cooking dinner. I also like cooking sites such as Epicurious, Saveur, Bon Appetit etc. All of these keep me up to date on what's the latest food trend, dish or new ingredient to look out for.

What food topics get you talking?

I would really like my family to be more vegetarian. we try to be vegetarian at least once a week but I would like it to be more often than that. I would also prefer to eat less red meat and more of chicken, seafood and whole grains. Still working on my family for that!

What's your most favourite dish?

I know this sounds clichéd, but I absolutely love a good tandoori butter chicken! I make a good home-style version with chicken thighs, sautéed onions and peppers in a tomato butter cream sauce that is very flavourful and always goes down well with my family.

How do you take such great pictures?

Take the picture from the top! and in natural lighting as far as possible.

What's your most important cookbook?

I have written 3 cookbooks of my own and have an extensive collection of more than 500. These days I'm into cooking Middle eastern food and love Ottolenghi.

What's your most important utensil in the kitchen?

My Indian blender. It is called a mixie and it has a very powerful motor with a small jar that is perfect for grinding spice pastes and spice powders, all essential for Indian cooking.

What's next? How will you make yours the best food blog in town?

I will continue to write about my culinary travel adventures; each time I visit somewhere new and exciting! My latest upcoming blog post is about my son's graduation from university in Montreal and he has contributed a French inspired recipe. It was lovely to have him in my kitchen working alongside me on a recipe for my blog. It's all in the family!

Thanks again to Smita of Curry Twist for participating in this interview!

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