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Food Blogger Interview: Theo of

Theo Michaels - Michaels - Michaels - team is super excited to be chatting with Theo of He's all about recipes, video recipes, travel related stories and information about his private dining and popup restaurant.

What got you into food blogging and what inspires you?

My goals are to develop a loyal audience that gets genuine value from visiting my food blog. I put a lot of emphasis on only writing recipes that I love, I like to eat and actually work! I want it to be a trusted go-to place for food inspiration. With that in mind, if I cook a dish and don't like it, I simply won't use it! When you are in a space that is inundated with food blogs and recipes I think people need a trusted source. Which is why Jamie Oliver and Delia, I think, have always been hugely successful - you trust them. If I read any of their recipes I am 100% comfortable that they will work and will taste good. But that is something you have to prove through time and something I want my audience to feel about my recipes.

Talk about the craziest ingredient you've cooked with.

Jelly fish, actually incredibly easy to use once you know how, but hard to find! Turns out a good chinese supermarket usually have them in stock! Jellyfish is a blank canvass, it doesn't actually taste of much but has great texture meaning you can have some real fun using it to add some crunch to a dish in a new way and use it to transit whatever flavour combinations you want the diners to experience.

Who inspires you?

Keith Floyd - what a geezer! I think he was totally ahead of his time with his cooking shows and I loved how honest he was (if it turned out bad he'd tell you!), also totally impressed that he was a self-taught chef. Keith Floyd was like your outspoken uncle - he'd upset people, say things that are totally inappropriate, but you loved him for it and always knew where you stood with him! He also made it fully acceptable for a thousand chefs to guzzle wine while cooking - and for that I am ever grateful!

Tell us about your all-time favorite recipe.

My deep fried chicken wings - total comfort food! They are crunchy, crispy, spicey and succulent and lovely inside! I love serving fine dining at my popup restaurant and private dining events but when I'm at home what I really want is a big bowl of those bad-boy crispy chicken wings, a cold beer and some trashy TV!

What food photography technique do you use to really make your pictures shine?

Close ups and lighting - if you've got good lighting, the picture is in focus and you can actually see the detail of the dish then I'm always pleased with that!

Share some of your favorite cookbooks.

Tons! I go through stages; Raymond Blanc's Foolproof French Cookery is great for casual dining when you want something more than spag bol! But if I'm looking for more inspirational recipes then Gordon Ramsey's CHEF is brilliant (and if I ever spot an old Keith Floyd cook book then I can't resist picking it up)

What's your must-have kitchen tool?

My knife, it's a very personal thing finding the right one. And for me it isn't about being the most expensive; it's about the right balance, comfortable and damn sharp! Nothing worse than having a blunt or uncomfortable knife, your hand actually starts to ache. So my advice is go try a few knifes and find one that fits really well to you.

Where is your food blog going to next?

I'm spending a lot more time on my youtube channel as cooking is perfect for it. What can look like a really complicated recipe on paper can be incredibly easy to understand if you can just watch a 3 minute video of someone cooking it. Plus I like that you can build a stronger relationship with your audience - you can actually talk to them!

Thanks again to Theo of for participating in this interview!

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