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y name is Jayanthy Asokan (my friends call me Jay) and I write this blog. I’m from the state of Tamil Nadu (India) and have lived in various places of TN as well as its neighbouring state Andhra Pradesh. Growing up cooking with my mom gave me the opportuni

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Last Posted Recipe: May 9, 2020

Mint Biscuit (Eggless)

Mint Biscuits/ Pudina Biscuits is my family’s favourite biscuit with a lovely minty flavour and slight spicy in taste. Putina biscuits! This is how I used to say when I was small. Those days bakeries were not many like now,and this biscuits were made only in one bakery at my place. The taste and flavour of this biscuit is unique and my love for this Bakery style Mint Biscuit is boundless.


Bagara Baingan

Bagara Baingan a famous dish of Hyderabad was introduced during Mugal Empire from Taskent which later became popular among Hyderbadis. It is a rich Accompaniment for Biryani ,lachha paratha ,Naan or any Indian flat breads,Flavoured rice and Hot steamed rice. Brinjal or Eggplant a least loved vegetable by many is made delectable in taste by sauteing Brinjal /Egg plant in little oil . To it spice mixture ,cashew paste and tamarind water is added.


Grilled Coffee Marinated Chicken

Grilled Coffee Marinated Chicken is a scrumptious delectable dish with less spice and sweet and with a beautiful aroma of coffee . In this recipe chicken drumsticks are rubbed with spice powder,seasoning and marinated with coffee reduction sauce. The same coffee reduction sauce can be served as a dip while serving. Without further delay lets move on the recipe.


Potato Bites with Sour Cream Cheese Dip

One of the best Finger Food or Appetiser of Americans. It is widely a common Appetiser loved both by vegetarians and non vegetarians and it’s simplicity cooking with minimum ingredients made me to try this recipe. I have made this recipe earlier with other dips but, this simple sour cream cheese dip is voted The Best combo by family.


Eggless Coconut Pecan Cookies

Coconut and Pecan Cookies (Eggless) is one of my favourite cookie in my Bake Diary. I do love Pecans among all nuts and personally feel the baked pecans add an additional flavour to the cookies. I have tried this cookie with Desicated coconut too, but did not get the baked fresh coconut aroma. Every bite of the cookie taste the crunchy outside, soft on the inside and totally coconutty . I bet all coconut lovers would love to try this recipe.


Egg Curry-Gravy

Egg Curry is one of my family favourite recipe. Best curry made with regular ingredients available in the pantry. All you need is egg, tomato,onions and basic masala powders. I learnt this recipe from my friend who often made this and we all love to have with steamed rice or rotis.


Eggless Butter Cookies

Eggless Butter Cookies is a very simple cookie that any novice baker can bake by following correct measurements. Four basic ingredients is needed to relish this golden drops of melt in mouth Butter Cookies. Butter cookies are also called as Butter biscuits,Sables and Danish biscuits.


Eggless Vanilla Chocolate Custard Cookies

Vanilla and Chocolate flavour are match made in heaven and my all time favourite in my Bakes.The twist in the recipe is adding Vanilla custard powder which gives yummy ,delectable and scrumptious cookies .Simple and easy preparation with the correct measurement is all needed for this recipe.